The project AIMS

The project AIMS is a co-ordination and support action under the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

The consortium consists of nine partners from six different countries. The project partners cover a broad range of expertise in the field of transport and logistics research.

The project has been successfully finalized and officially validated by the EC. Project duration was from 01.09.2008 until 31.07.2010.

Several projects from all transport modes have been analyzed and evaluated. Intense research and productive interviews with different relevant stakeholders in the European logistics industry and the field of research have been conducted. Therefore an advanced evaluation methodology for the analyses of research activities within freight transport has been developed. As guidelines for implementation of research, development and innovation (RDI) management an innovative approach is proposed to lead European research initiative and projects to a higher level of maturity. Read more about the project approach, the partners, the activities and results of AIMS.

AIMS Final Handbook and Experts Scientific Papers available

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